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Suits officially wrapped up its nine-year run this week, but while there won’t be a season 10, there’s still a possibility for the legal drama to somehow continue. Here’s everything we know about the show’s future. Debuting in , Suits garnered a loyal fan base over the years, and many of them stuck with the show despite the slew of character changes. Fan-favorites like Mike Patrick J. Suits came to an end with the series finale, “One Last Con,” which managed to pack two weddings and a birth into its running time. So, will we ever see these characters again? Harvey, Louis and the rest of their allies were able to kick Faye Richardson Denise Crosby out of the firm after butting heads with her all season long.

‘Suits’: Mike and Rachel kiss and break up

He is married to Rachel Zane. He was hired by Harvey Specter , a senior partner at Pearson Hardman , as an associate lawyer, despite Mike not having graduated college or having a law degree. Mike left Pearson Specter after accepting the job offer to work at SIG; however, he returns later in season 4 after Jonathan Sidwell fired him from his firm.

The season 3 episode “She’s Mine” reveals that Rachel has been admitted into. Although Harvey generally wins his cases to far greater profit than had he.

The couple also revealed their plan to leave New York City and build a legal firm specializing in class-action suits in Seattle. Their time on the show is done, but they went out in the best possible way. His prison stint and work with a not-for-profit legal firm started putting him at odds with the corporate work he was doing at Specter Litt. Rachel also began to sympathize with his human rights cases and used her skills to support his endeavors.

She can continue to sharpen her legal skills and maybe become a senior partner in their new firm. But, their long-term desire to get married was fulfilled in their last-minute ceremony. The people they loved the most, including Louis Litt and his girlfriend Shelia, were in attendance as they happily exchanged vows. And, since actors Meghan Markle and Patrick J. Mike dropped the news to Harvey about leaving the firm and moving to Seattle during the wedding reception.

Harvey tried to convince Mike to stay, but the conversation ended with a supportive handshake.

Meghan Markle’s Final ‘Suits’ Scenes Gave Rachel Zane The Perfect Sendoff

Note: This article contains mild spoilers for the season nine premiere of Suits. Whether we like to admit it or not, every moment spent watching the final season of Suits is a moment in which we hold out hope for an appearance from Meghan Markle — however unlikely. And, considering the Duchess of Sussex has recently welcomed a baby boy with Prince Harry , that’s pretty damn unlikely.

The Suits season nine premiere, however, did feature Meghan’s character Rachel Zane, whose last appearance on the show was in season seven’s romantic finale. Following on from season eight’s passionate — and long-overdue — cliffhanger , Suits revisited the still-together Harvey Specter and Donna Paulsen in its latest episode. But that’s not the only thing that was revisited.

SUITS may have finished airing on the USA Network and Netflix for good but fans are still processing everything that the final season revealed. One major breakthrough was the return of Patrick J Adams as Mike Ross – but why After they tied the knot, Mike told Harvey that he and Rachel were moving to.

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Rachel Zane

Though Meghan Markle’s Suits journey ended when she announced her engagement to Prince Harry , and subsequent new job as a full time royal, the show itself is only just finishing. The final season of the legal drama – which made Markle a household name long before she joined the royal family – is currently airing in the UK on Netflix. In the fifth episode of season nine, Markle’s on-screen husband Mike Ross – played by her friend Patrick J Adams , who left the show when the Duchess of Sussex did – makes a much-anticipated cameo.

Though Adams had previously hinted that Markle’s character, Rachel Zane, would be mentioned in the episode he starred in, we didn’t yet know the context. Well now, we know the line the Suits’ writers coined to give context to the paralegal-turned-lawyer character not returning with her husband. Warning: Spoilers!

Series 6 begins with the aftermath of the events that led to Mike being put in prison. Air date: Jul 13, Jessica and Rachel fight to save Leonard Bailey’s life; and Harvey and Louis try to Season 6 of Suits is yet another extremely powerful and compelling season that takes the show in new and interesting directions.

The only actual healthy relationship here. Unfortunately, for as prepared as Mike Ross always manages to be for anything involving the law — his task for Harvey took him all of about five seconds — he kind of sucks at planning for the future. While this should have surprised no one, it was still pretty upsetting to Rachel, who had her questionnaire all filled out and ready to go way in advance. Needless to say, the pair was a little bit confused. Then, Mike gave this whole besotted speech about how he loved fighting with Rachel because they only fought about the important things in life…And it was this weird mixture of sweet and baffling.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate this? SUITS is about to lose a relationship that, other than the fourth season misstep of which we shall never speak, has been incredibly well-developed and well-nourished since day one. Is that the takeaway here? The bad man has a rude awakening.


Adams has raised more than a few eyebrows over the years. Prior to her wedding to Prince Harry in , Meghan enjoyed a successful run on the popular legal drama Suits. Meghan, so happy for you, friend. Much love. While fans loved watching Meghan Markle and Patrick interact on the series, their chemistry outside of work was also getting attention. Actors falling for each other after working on a project is nothing new.

Meghan Markle’s Suits co-stars made sure Rachel Zane wasn’t forgotten in the Mike Ross pokes fun at her new Duchess status when he is asked how she is son Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after 15 months of dating On November.

When big-shot Manhattan corporate lawyer, Harvey Specter risks his career and his freedom by taking the unqualified Mike Ross under his wing, things for the pair are never the same. Keeping their not so little secret was no easy task, especially with Donna Paulsen — who knows all on their trail and dog with a bone, Louis Litt not far behind. For seven seasons this unbeatable duo ruled the courtroom but as they say nothing lasts forever and last year we said our final farewells to Mike Ross and his wife, Rachel Zane.

In reality, the actors and actresses are all the best of friends outside of the courtroom and nothing made us happier than seeing the Suits Cast at the Royal Wedding. With season 8 completed and season 9 due out soon. Join us as we take a look at the real life partners of the Suits cast…. Patrick J. Adams plays Michael James Ross in this hit legal drama our favourite member of the suits cast. He was hired as an associate lawyer by Harvey Specter despite not having any credentials.

Patrick has since left the show behind much to the dismay of his fans myself included as he and his on-screen wife have moved on with their lives. Prior to landing the role of Mike Ross, Patrick J.

Suits: Why did Patrick J Adams really leave Suits?

A subreddit all about USA Network’s hit show Suits , which centers around lawyer Harvey Specter and his associate Mike Ross who doesn’t have a law degree, but does have a photographic memory , and the law firm where they work. Wondering what songs have been used in the show? Check out the songsinsuits Tumblr or the TuneFind page.

The only thing I can say is that you should really watch episode Given Meghan’s engagement and where Mike and Rachel are as they inch.

By Nellie Andreeva. Original Suits star Patrick J. It was about how to integrate him organically and in a satisfying way. Then I had to make sure that he had the time to do it and could do it, he a new father also. After we came up with what it was going to be, I called him. I went to his house, he showed me his olive trees, which were awesome. We went out to dinner, and we talked about it. I said what we had in mind, he was very excited. And then we did it. A series of events get her involved in it also.

Suits: The Show’s 13 Best Moments

Rachel Elizabeth Zane , J. Despite her family’s wealth, she prefers to live on the money that she earns. Despite her own ability, Rachel has never been good with taking tests, so she never gets a high enough LSAT score for Harvard.

“Suits” will launch its freshman season with stars Gabriel Macht (“Love and Other Drugs”), Mike helps Rachel study for the LSAT, only to find out she is on the brink of Eric Close, Vincent Laresca, Julie Ann Emery and Pooch Hall guest star. a recently divorced single mother exploring the truths about dating and aging.

We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. Suits fans were devastated when Patrick J Adams left his iconic role of Mike Ross behind back at the end of season seven. Playing one of the lead characters, Adams had been a part of the show since its pilot episode. So why did he decide to leave? After they tied the knot, Mike told Harvey that he and Rachel were moving to Seattle to set up a law clinic.

Suits Cast’s Real-life Couples

The Previously on Suits clips remind us that Rachel is attending law school at Columbia while working part-time at Pearson Specter, and that Mike quit the firm to go work for this Sidwell guy, an investment banker who later mentions that he is also running a hedge fund are those two occupations the same? But we all know that Mike lied when he told Donna his new secretary is fitter, younger and funnier than Donna, because no one is better than Donna at anything.

Especially this black and white one with two different but complementary patterns on it. The episode actually begins with a montage of Harvey and Rachel showering at their respective apartments in the morning and trying to look sexy and sensual while wearing a not very attractive bathrobe Harvey and a bath towel accesssorized with full-on mascara Rachel and then having morning sex.

Rachel has sex with Mike, and Harvey has relations with a one night stand I felt sorry for because the actress not only has to wear only lingerie in her one scene, she has to lounge suggestively in it in bed, ass in the air, and then she unhooks her bra from the front so we almost see her breasts but instead, we cut to a behind-the-back shot that shows Harvey fully dressed in his suit staring at her nakedness, which just, ugh on how that actress was used.

Gillis lives in a fabulously decorated house that contains what looks like a centuries-old carved stone fireplace as well as an awesomely creepy art photograph of a castle being swept away a visual representation of the failure of his business?

Fan-favorites like Mike (Patrick J. Adams), Rachel (Meghan Markle), and Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article While Suits is formally finished and there will be no season 10, the fact.

Need A Book Recommendation? We don’t think we would love Meghan Markle as much as we do if it wasn’t for the fact that before she married Prince Harry and became the Duchess of Sussex, she played powerhouse paralegal that was Rachel Zane in legal drama Suits. Played by Meghan before she had given up her Instagram account, red carpet appearances and lifestyle blog ‘The Tig’, Zane was known for her tireless quest to become a lawyer, impeccable office attire that involved lots of leather pencil skirts and sensible cardigans and passionate relationship with Mike Ross played by Patrick J.

If you’ve yet to binge-watch the entire thing, head over to Netflix pronto. Earlier in January, it was announced that Suits had officially been cancelled, and Season 9 will be the last from the show. However, the writers and producers didn’t turn down the opportunity to include Rachel in the final season as she earned herself a special mention in a recent episode. In a clip that will delight Suits and Royal fans, her on-screen husband Mike Ross pokes fun at her new Duchess status when he is asked how she is doing.

So when did the future Duke and Duchess of Sussex meet?

Mike & Rachel [Suits 3×11]

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